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Call of Culture started in September 2009 to promote cultures, after a decade of international relations and public diplomacy Call of Culture chosed to enable other entrepreneurs who are working around culture to grow with their businesses and create an economy around culture. By providing needed services and tools to bridge and create business opportunities both locally and internationally.


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To Enable Culture and Creative industries


Our mission is to create opportunities of business growth around culture and enabling cultural entrepreneurs to grow with and bridge cultures. We bring together ideas from different minds, and cultures to help everyone in realizing his/her business dream. With our endless efforts to make positive impacts to our members, it has always been a celebration seeing our members prosperity.

Who We Are?

Alhalimon is an upcoming organization formed in Saudi Arabia with a goal to provide consultation, guidance, work space and creating local and international partnership to business entrepreneurs whose businesses are centered around culture. We lead and promote the network of organizations and individuals who cultivate, promote, sustain, and support arts and related cultural works in Saudi Arabia.

Our Services

As Alhalimon community, we offer services that ensure our members will prosper in all their business desires. Some of the services we offer include; Business consultancy, Expansion and growth guidance, financial and legal consultation, creating opportunities in local and international markets, creating partnerships, designated work environments, and events and lectures.

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